Our Promise

In response to a number of cost increases, Dr. Landscape Inc. began a strong effort and focus on creation of efficiencies throughout our operations. With every improvement, there were further opportunities to improve and to aim towards waste reduction. It became a challenge to see how much we could reduce waste and thus reduce cost and improve our operations and efficiencies.

Waste reduction is a critical issue, not just for our business but throughout society. We believe that as advocates of the environment, it is our obligation to “walk the walk” and keep working towards a goal where we achieve zero impact on the environment and surroundings. Our ultimate goal is zero waste by-product from our operations and activities. Hence, Target Zero. We also looked for ways to change the attitudes of staff and how we could do things which had less impact on not just our work place, but in our every day personal life. With our waste reduction effort, we have been able to achieve results of near zero waste by product, resulting in waste heading to land-fill sites.

Since the start of our program, we are extremely proud that we have been able to reduce waste through our partners in business and in the landscape industry. Our industry and associates are very serious about improving and reducing our impact on the environment. We have been able to achieve the following: Stone and concrete waste – 100% recycled. Stone products get returned to a concrete recycling plant where the materials

Target Zero Promise

are reused for a multitude of engineered products and recycled products.

Plants and Organic Waste – 100% recycled. We collect and sort all green and organic waste which gets taken to a waste processing plant to be recycled and used for farming and agricultural use, leaf compost production and soil production.

Wood and wood by products – 100% Recycled. Wood materials are taken to a waste recycling plant where they are reduced to mulch, wood chips or used for wood fuel for heating.

Soil waste and Excavated materials – 100% recycled. All soils are reused on site or removed and recycled to become planting soils or topsoil soil.

Metal waste – Is sorted from all other waste and delivered to a metal recycling plant where all the metals are sorted and recycled.

Pots and Planting Containers – 99- 100 % recycled. Excluding damaged pots, all pots and plant containers are returned to nurseries where the containers are reused for future plant product growing operations.

Cardboard, Paper, aluminum cans, glass, and any other plastics which are recyclable – 100% recycled – we collect and recycle all paper and cardboard to be collected through the Blue bin program.

Skids and product packing is returned to suppliers or reused until they are completely exhausted.

Garbage bags for waste management has been reduced by over 95% since we started using reusable waste bins for all collection during daily operations. We find that the largest waste generator is wrapping and plastic packaging from precast stone products. As we have regular discussions with our suppliers, we will be actively encouraging them to find alternatives to their current packaging systems.

Daily use for personal waste and consumption - Part of our program includes encouraging all staff to remove single use plastics from their daily use. We provide reusable water bottles, reusable coffee cups, and encourage reusable lunch containers for all staff. We encourage all staff to take steps to find ways to improve on their daily waste production – not just at work. Our operations facility also has sorting receptacles for all recyclable materials to encourage everyone to join in the company culture to reduce waste and Target Zero!